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Booster air leak

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Went to start 64 Galaxy today and would not stay running hissing ,air leak.Anyway found leak.Car has Power brake conversion kit .My engine is 289.Behind the booster is a rubber boot that push rod goes into at rear.Seems part of that boot has popped out .I haven’t had time to get a good look yet .Didn’t want to go digging in there with a flat head .Can I some how get that boot back in place without ripping boot .Or is booster no good.Sorry for long post.Car had brake kit when I bought it.Thanks
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The boot is just a dust shield.
It does not seal the vacuum.

The hissing means the booster has a leak internally.
Need a new booster or repair the one you have if you can get a kit for it.
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Galaxiex,Thanks for your reply. the dust boot is sticking out probably from air leak that’s why I thought it was the Source.
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