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Back in the early 1970's Borg-Warner used to market a replacement ignition set up for most all 1965 and up Ford distributors. It was a light setup with a separate amplifier. You pulled out the points and wires, and stuffed in a new light and shutter, then connected to the coil and amplifier. All in about 20 minutes and you where then fired of and running.

I have such a set up, and the amplifier went dead, most likely from the Palm Springs heat. According to an old ignition interchange book, the amplifier is interchangeable with some very common Chrysler unit of the early 1970's most likely of their six cylinder quality.

Anyone have an idea as to which Chrysler module I ought to try, for the V-8 which is popular, is easier to find than the six at present time. And looks as though the Borg-warner electronic units have same plug as Chrysler units.

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