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This transmission I currently have on Ebay (Borg-Warner Super T-10, Ford/Mercury (411) | eBay), but I wouldn't mind selling it outright. Here's the story. Although I am a Mustang guy (first car and I'm hunting for another '71, I found a neat old car that was too good to pass up; just for fun.

This transmission was in a muscle car I recently purchased to restore (1972 AMC Javelin) that was in very good running condition, but the engine and transmission was Ford, obviously not the correct make or model for the vehicle so they have been removed and I am parting ways with them even though they are in great running condition (must have been restored recently), but I have no knowledge of that save the running and internal observations.

This is a very good condition Borg-Warner Super T-10 4-speed transmission, Ford/Mercury (411).
Main Case: T10B-1 W.G. DIV W-1
Tail Case: T10B-7 W.G. DIV W-1 (18" inches in length from the end of the housing to where it meets the main housing)
10 spline input shaft, 28 spline output shaft
Gear Ratio: 2.20, 1.64, 1.31, 1.00

Contact me if you're interested.

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