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Boss 4.6 in 2006 Mustang GT??

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I think Ford should bring the BOSSname back for the 4.6, just like Mopar did with Hemi. Really the 4.6 has about the same in common witht he BOSS as the new Dodge moters have with the Hemi.

I was reading an article about the old and new Hemi. It said the old Hemi had perfactly hemispherical combustion chambers which had great flow. The article said that the new Hemi chamber has has a resemblence to the old chamber, but the new one isnt a "Hemi"

I just got back from florida, there was a 06 Mustang GT with a custom paintjob, The old style boss hockey stick decal and the BOSS word there. That gave me the idea that ford should bring back the BOSS name. Wouldnt be much differant then the new "Hemi" and it would sound AWESOME to have a new BOSS.
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5.4 liter is close to 329...dont sound as good as 'four-twenty-nine' but close
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the 302DOHC cammer would be incredible- but I think they may keep that as the 'FR500C only' drivetrain...for only 125k, the ultimate mustang- it cleaned house in roadracing last year too...just not street legal...
theres mustang info all over the web, two of the best sites for the new stuff are stangsunleashed and themustangsource , they get a lot of 'hot off the presses' type of ford info.
I'm hoping the 'boss329' will show up with the DOHC from the Shelby- perhaps w/o supercharger, but its just GOTTA have a shaker from the factory, and maybe some quality 'sportslats' . Also fordracing needs to offer up a roots blower package for less money...5-6k for basically a fancy air pump seems odd to me...I doubt if it cost ford that to build the whole engine...I love my 06, but another 100 ft-lb right off idle would be great

Also, looking at the 'hemi' cutaway at the auto show, its really nowhere near hemispherical, just 'dished' with a smoothly raised dome piston top...Ive heard its 'dirty' emissions wise, but otherwise still a strong runner and the 4 cylinder highway mode returns pretty impressive MPG numbers. I really think the cylinder cutout will eventually be adapted to the more technically challenging 4.6 OHC, and Fords gonna end up with a >300hp/>30mpg still blows my mind the new mustang gt can hit 13.5 in the quarter, and still get 25-29mpg highway(reportedly)...
gotta wonder where we'll be in 5-10 years if this evolution keeps up.
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heres a link to a brief rundown of the 3v heads from ford-

cant help but wonder how long till someone aftermarket makes a set of 3v pushrod heads for say any old 289-351. Eventually I bet the aftermarkets going to come full circle on not just hotrodding older stuff, but hotrodding with latest technology...just imagine a 460 shortblock with (pushrod)3v/variable cam timing/charge motion plates/port fuel injection...say 750 hp and 20+ mpg...I dont think its science fiction

think about it...a split rocker arm could actuate dual intakes(with W-I-D-E valvecovers for central sparkplug too), the SOHC4.6 gets boost from variable cam timing- nothing a new front cover/waterpump couldnt handle on an older v8, charge motion plates could be integrated into required new manifold, or even the cylinder head assy...crank triggered ignition already out there, etc...
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