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My 63 Galaxie has an unknown brake booster setup. Previous owner cobbled together some misc parts during a front disc conversion. I am now in the middle of a motor swap and Wilwood front/rear disc conversion but was attempting to retain the booster/MC.

My problem is that the pentroof valve covers on the new motor are clashing with the existing booster by at least 1/2".
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I could possibly change out the valve covers, but I'm afraid anything shorter may interfere with the T&D valvetrain. Or I could have the valve cover cut and clearanced, but again I'd have to careful about the valvetrain. I've also considered hydroboost but am trying to avoid the added cost right now. So I think my first two preferred options would be:

1) Find a booster bracket that raises the booster a couple inches (I've been told to look for an OEM bracket from a 64 Gal w/power brakes because it raises the booster a bit, but am having a tough time finding one).


2) Figure out a manual brake solution that will work for my Wilwood 4 wheel disc kit.

Does anyone have any insight on either of these two options?
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