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Brand new to the forum: Is there a Galaxie \"FAQ\"?

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Hello, I just registered and I'm brand new to the world of Fords and pushrods. I have been a water-coooled VW guy since birth, but I picked up a 1966 Galaxie 500 Custom 240 I6 on Saturday, and have since been hunting down information on it. I kinda hate to gum up the forum with questions that no doubt have been asked a hundred times, but I'm not having very good luck with the search.

I have some very general questions that would probably seem a little clueless, but again, I know nothing about this beast.

Like, is a 300 I6 a straight swap, with no modifications to my transmission? Could you do this with any year 300?

Is a 300 I6 head and a 240 I6 head the same thing? Are they interchangeable?

Is there a V8 swap that could be done on a weekend by two shade-tree mechanics? What companies, if any, make a swap 'kit'?

I have a manual 3-speed on the floor, right now it's pretty tough to shift, I'm guessing after 40 years the linkage would need a rebuild. It got me thinking of what other trannies would drop in, how hard would an auto-swap be?

If I do end up keeping the I6 in it, I'd be interested in maybe bolting on a couple go-fast bits. Could someone point me towards a header for the Galaxie? I'm having problems locating one.

Like I said, I have alot of questions, and if you know the answers to any, please feel free.

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Welcome to our forum. Always happy to have new Ford enthusist . Some of the other users will chime in, as I am not a good typist. However all of your questions on the sixes (very good engines) can be answered at Hopes this helps.
Welcome to FordMuscle.

To make your 240 a 300 ci, you will use the same block and heads, just swap out the crankshaft, rods, and pistons. There are a lot of hi-performance parts available for your bigsix, has all of the information and discussion forums that will answer all of your questions.

The big six has the same transmission bolt pattern as the small block v-8's

A hot-rod big six would be pretty cool, good luck with your car.
I don't think they made the full size cars with 3 speed floor shift--it would have been collumn shift from the factory. That means that someone added the floor shift later. First, I would change the gear oil in the trans, adjust the clutch and make sure that the shifter linkage is tight and adjusted correctly. An Old Motor's manual or factory repair manual (ebay) is essential if you don't have experience with old american cars. It will go over the clutch and shifter adjustment and give specs for tune ups, etc.

We don't have a FAQ page here, but play with the search function and learn to use it. You can find lots of good info that way.

Welcome to the forum!
Hi and welcome. I agree use the search type in a key word and see if it has beem asked/ answered.
Welcome new friend. This forum will put your hobby into full swing!

I have a 65 Galaxie with the 240 I6 as well. I haven't had any luck on headers yet. The people in this forum are very helpful and got me pointed in the right direction trying to find hop up parts. Clifford performance makes some really cool performance parts for us 6'ers. Offenhauser makes a nice 4bbl intake which is what I will be running along with a Holley 390cfm carb. I also have a Pertronix electronic ignition I picked up at Napa. I have a different cam I found on e-bay made by Blue Racer Performance. Its not real radical, but better than stock. It appears to be pretty good, I haven't heard of them before, but this is a budget project (for the time being
) and the price was right. There are other more mainstream companies that have cams as well. I rolled the dice on a set of headers. I ordered a set of Hedman headers from Summit Racing that fits 240-300 F-Series 2WD. I measured the best I could, I guess we'll see when they get here. I may need to have them modified, but I won't know for another week or so. They were pretty inexpensive, only about $150.00. Another suggestion I got was to try stock exhaust manifolds from an 87+ F-Series. They are a 2 piece "shorty" manifold which may allow for more clearance. Its not a true header as such, but may prove to be better than the lincoln log that came stock plus you could run a true dual exhaust. Again, only a suggestion, I havent tried to fit them, but its an idea. I will post again once my headers come in and let you know how (if) they work out. Best of luck!!!
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We had a '66 Custom 500 with the big six under the hood. One thing I remember is that it kept on going, and going, and going just like that pink bunny. Biggest problem was the carburetor, and the tires.

And around 80-90,000 it burnt #1 exaust valve.

Welcome, and I like 6 cyl Ford motors as well. My '64 Custom still has the original 223 under the hood . I'm beefing it up a bit, just to see what it'll do before it blows up....
Parts for the pre-'65s are scarce, but I've got a set of Barker High Lift Rocker Arms to use instead of changing the cam. Unless I can find a cheap Clifford intake, I'll attempt to build my own from exhaust tubing and sheet metal. I found a 223 Ford truck header that should work with some mods. With some head milling to get the compression up to 10--1, I think it'll surprise a few people.

As to a Galaxie FAQ, use the search feature. If you can find the answer you need, just ask. There are more Galaxie experts here per acre than anywhere else on the 'Net.
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