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A day or so back I made my very first post relating a suspension foul up I made in fabricating my T-Bucket. I mail ordered a buggy spring and brackets & welded them to my axle before trying them under the frame. The frame arrived a week later and I put the spring & axle under the frame. It looked ridiculous because it was WAY too high. The spring I built the suspension around was an uncommon size so no other replacement spring could be located.
I am pleased to report all has been resolved. I went to Black's Spring & Alignment Shop in Zanesville Ohio. I took the too tall spring for an example and explained my problem. The manager there, Bill Cook, looked over the spring and took some careful measurements. He said the spring could be cut down and re-shaped but it would be a hassle. Mr. Cook suggested I send back the original spring for credit and let them fabricate a whole new spring. He said it would take about an hour to calculate the engineering for the new spring. I left to get some lunch while he did the paper work.
While I was eating I thought back to what I said at Black's Springs. They will no doubt rape me on the price because they know I'm desperate to get the right spring I thought.
I went back later expecting the WORST. Mr. Cook said the new spring would be ready in two days. The price was $81 & every thing!
I just picked it up. It's PERFECT! They painted it black like the rest of my suspension. They put in the teflon sliders so it will flex nicely and never squeak. The new fabricated spring is far superior to the first one. It looks great under the car too.
For you Ford Guys in the central Ohio area, If you need spring work done, Black's Spring in Zanesville did an excellent job for me!
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