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Building a 308 Help me choose the piston!

Im looking into Probe flat tops but am a little sketchy as to which ones to get. The numbers are confusing me. Im gonna list my build

Stock 87 HO block bored .040 and 0 decked (hot tanked, new cam bearings and freeze plugs installed)
Stock Rods resized (if need be)
Stock crankshaft (Polished)
190cc Procomp aluminum heads (60cc combustion chamber)
Anderson N-61 camshaft
1.6 roller rockers
Edelbrock RPM airgap intake
Holley or street demon 650cfm carb
I'm trying to achieve 10:1 or as close to as possible.

P.S Please, lets not start a "procomp" thread. I'm using them no matter what.

I have a chance to buy TRW L2482 +.040 pistons brand new, mounted on stock rebuilt rods with hasting rings.

Do these pistons have enough PTV clearence with my setup? With a 0 deck height.
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