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I've decided to build a stroked 302 with a 3.25 stroke crank and .020 pistons. The block is a '68 302 with 2 piece rear seal. The stroker crank is designed for a 1 piece rear seal but I am told that I can use this crank in a older block.

Other design elements include 289 rods with 11/32 bolts, shot peened and enlarged small end chromed inside for the full floating pin instead of installing a bushing which will remove too much material from the small end (for the KB322 351 pistons with .9272 pin). As mentioned, the pistons will KB322 hyper pistons with +6.5 cc volume (2 valve reliefs). This combo gives 9.8:1 compression.

I went with the 289 rods to give me a little more rod length for 1.59:1 rod to stroke ratio (identical rod ratio as 347 strokers with 5.4 rods and better than several production V-8s from the 60s and 70s). I also wanted to use a piston that did not have the pin in the oil ring area and a short skirt. Reliability and durability was important. The KB322 piston fits this requirement and is still only 502 grams.

The stack height of this setup is .015 below the deck...perfect for decking to zero deck.
Cam will probably be a sig erson hydraulic with 228 duration and .504 lift (.536 lift with 1.7 ratio roller rockers). I love erson cam and have had great performance from them in the past. Heads will be 351 powerheads with 1.94/1.6 valves and intake will probably be a weiand stealth. Headers will be hooker super comps. I'm hoping for high 300s in horsepower and torque.

The engine is going into a 65 FB mustang. I'm thinking of going with a low gear ratio C4 from A-1 transmissions in conoga park, CA. I've got a 3.55 9" posi rear in the car so the low 1st and 2nd gear ratio of the trans will convert the 3.55 rear to be equivalent with 4.22 in 1st and 2nd.

Some day i'll be done with this ground up restomod and enjoying the fruits of my labor on the street with occasional trips to the drags!!
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