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I'm at the stage in my Flow bench where I'm building the orifice plates. I have an idea that I think would work good and be very versatile.
I want to make three slides that will uncover the orifices. So I'll have three rows of fixed orifices one row of 25 CFM holes one row of 50 CFM holes and one row of 100 CFM holes. They will be set up on detinets that will lock the slides that cover the orifices. If I need 250 CFM I will pull the 100 CFM slide out two detinets and the 50 CFM slide out one.

My question is. How do you find the square inches of a circle?

I had T-bolt flow two test orifices at work on a SuperFlow 600.

A hole .883" flowed 53.7cfm @ 28" H2o
A hole 1" flowed 69cfm @28" H2o

What I am trying to do is see if there is a way to figure what a specific size hole will flow.
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