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Well my best friend of many moons has always loved my dads Willys Jeep (1956) sence he first saw it...We've had it sence the early 60's It was only used for hunting and was towed to the hills and only driven slow to road hunt and get UP in the hills and he finely got the chance to buy it... (or should I say steal it $2,400 all in top shape)
as my dad is very old (92yrs young) and hasn't used it for about 4yrs now..

I know it went to a good home.. as my friend loves old stuff and is a home steader on 5 acers of land in the desert here just out of town.. and has a mine clame in the hills close by sort of..

Anyway I know it went to a good home and I well get to see it from time to time


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That would bring tears to one's eyes.
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