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C-6 flexplate

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Got the transmission home today. Flexplate looks like granny - missin' some teeth. Where can a guy find a replacement (outside the boneyard)?

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V8 engines naturally settle on 1 of 4 quadrants of a flywheel. So when they start up those spots get the majority of the wear and tear.

Go to your local auto parts store and buy one or order one from any of the cataloge vendors. Most likely the only difference is price and whether they have it in stock, in a local wharehouse or you have to wait a few days.

There are so many FEs on the road, there is still a good supply of wear items...most of the time.

Performance parts...that's another issue.

I see we have another Red Green fan.

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Thanks for the advice, Beoweolf. I'll probably keep my eyes open while stockpiling some parts for the rebuild. Heck, I may just see if Mr. Fowler has one out in Williams.

And just remember, if the women don't find ya handsome, they should at least find ya handy.

I will give you my original. You must pay for shipping. I upgraded to a PA unit. Have the original sitting in a box in the garage. Intresting thread as I was just thinking about listing on Ebay for $10 start. A fellow Galaxie owner on this forumn though, I think could just take it. If something doesnt happen late spring I will just toss it.
Hey, thanks!

Reckon how much shipping is? My zip code is 42303.

Count the teeth, measure the circumfrence, and measure the bolt pattern. Mine was very rare, a one year only flywheel.

Mine was for a Cruisematic though. I couldnt fine one so i had to have a torque converter built from Broader Performance.
I guess I'd better do a tooth count and measure the bolt pattern - that might be important

I'll probably be contacting Jay at BroaderPerformance about replacing some hard parts.

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