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Part #3DFS60A

Automatic 3-Speed C-6 14" Tailhousing.
Replaces 14" Tailhousing.
60's and 70 muscle cars and street rods. $2795.00

I am considering this model for my '67 XL 431 (stroked 390)/C-6 build out.

I am looking at a 4.11 - 4.56 gear for the rear.

I am wondering if anyone has this model and combination they have for the rear and how they like it.

I am also wondering how much the PITA the install was with wiring and control switch.

Looking for your ideas and opinions, I will probably get one, really want to know how they perform though.



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I have put the Gear Vendor in my buddies cars. All different engines, transmission and rear ends. Fords. They have worked very well and my buddy drives a car. You get in a car with him you better buckle up the harness tie. Wiring it up is easy. I knew the guys the Wise Bro. that invented the Gear Vendor. They tested it out in Frito Lay delievery trucks and later sold the patent. Once you drive one with the Gear Vendor in it you want go back.
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