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If installed correctly the TQ converter should be loose in the flywheel. Meaning its not in a bind. Did you check before installing trans that pilot on the TQ converter would fit the hole on the crankshaft ok? Did you make sure the hole in crankshaft didn't have an old pilot bearing left in it? If the TQ converter is up against the flywheel in a bind then the TQ isn't properly seated in the trans.

I agree 100% BUT!...

Take free ALL of the bell bolts and slip tranny back about 3/8" or enough that you can turn over the engine by hand wrench like you could before.

ONLY THEN, if the engine is turnable, remove the 4 nuts on the Converter and re-tighten the bell bolts and snug the engine to the trans and see if the converter will wiggle back and forth in the bolt slots freely. If you have to fight it, you should yank the tranny and pull the converter, pull the front pump, check for damage, remove the center shaft and inspect for damage and proper length Etc...

Shouldn't take you more than a day in the driveway to do all this and find the culprit causing the issue.

Secondly, the pump will not necessarily be broken simply due to the binding, but it's more than a possibility.
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