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I rebuild an used 68 C4 (no my car)
reverse ok, in 1 start in 1st, in 2 start in 2nd and up-shift to 3rd, in 3 start in 3rd an stay (no 1-2-3 automatism)
Firstly I install a Trans-Go Reprogramming Kit 47-2, when i used it for the first time i found this flaw.
I used the transmission on the street as if it were manual without problems for a year.
In this time I got an unmodified valvebody thinking that something had been wrong with the trans-go kit.
today I replaced the VB but it keeps doing the same.:(
With cold oil it burns the wheels in first gear and comes out stronger in all speed, when it warms up I feel like it came out slower.

others mods : PA rollerized drum and 6 pinions front planet, Sonax servo, new pump gear.

can you help me 馃檹
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