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You're welcome.

Be careful with that "E" lever and R code servo.
Band apply can get extremely firm/harsh. Also some risk of cracking or breaking the case!
The "D" lever is probably fine anyway.
I'm using the D lever and R servo in mine, tho I have not driven it yet,
I previously had the D lever and D servo and it was plenty firm with the shift kit. Almost too firm.
There are guys that use the "A" lever (smallest ratio) and R servo and 2nd gear band apply is plenty firm, esp with a shift kit.

The selective snap rings are for the clutch pack clearances in the drums.

The output shaft snap rings...
One retains the governor housing to the shaft and the other retains the rear planet hub to the output shaft,
and also prevents the output shaft from falling out of the case.

Early units (I forget what year they changed) had thin snap rings that would break and the output shaft would slide rearward and cause issues.
The later units got thicker snap rings to prevent that problem.

The grooves on the shaft for the snap rings are wider for the late thick snap ring, and of course the early shaft has thinner grooves for the thin snap ring (duh).
The shafts interchange with the correct snap rings and park gear.
Obviously, don't mix these parts, ie don't use thin snap rings on a late shaft with wide grooves, and make sure to use the correct park gear.
Everything has to match!

72 "might" have thin snap rings, but the 77 for sure will have the thick ones.

Actually I think 1976 is when the snap rings changed, so 72 "probably" has the thin ones.

So if you are going to use the output shaft from the 77 into the 72 trans, you MUST use the 77 snap rings and park gear.
These parts WILL interchange into the 72 trans.

Have fun!
I selected the E lever and R sevo with the spring for the servo based on a recommendation from Frank Merkl. That is why I chose that application. Gregaust also runs that configuration for Drag race purpose. I only want it to shift as fast and as hard as it can with the least amount of friction in the thrust area for 5.90 seconds. :) 1/8 mile

33 Posts
Sounds like you have a good selection of parts to build a nice trans .
I like the E lever + R servo combo. I've used lots like that with Franks valvebodies .
From my experience it's only when using the even higher ratio levers with the big servo that causes case issues.
Use a nice aluminium pan helps cure the case issue and supprts that side of the case at the band adjuster .

A plate cooler is a slightly more efficient cooler than a tube/fin type . Have a google around and check some pics you'll se the difference . In saying that I have used either type but lately use mostly the plate types
I bought the TCI 48000 Stout cast aluminum with a drain, 2 more quarts. I found out after I bought it, Frank uses the same pan on his builds. That was a good happenstance for me. I bought the shortened one way race with the torrington from sonnex for $21. cheaper than local machine work I imagine.Thanks for your support.
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