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C4 Mustang II V8 Trans Kickdown rod wanted

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Yo Switched from a v6 to a v8 302 with a c4 and my old kick down rod isn't long enough...any ideas? Anyone got a v8 kickdown rod from a c4? [email protected] or PM me or repost..thanks all!!

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Lokar kickdown?
I never tought I would see the day a Mustang II would actually become popular !! I always took alot of pucky for owning them in the 80's !! Now people want them..............
the lokar cable system is great,i went through trying to get the kickdown rod to work after putting the airgap manifold on my engine-wasted alot of time with that rod,made it longer and it actually worked sometimes but looked like ****.bought the lokar kickdown cable and bracket and havent looked back
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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