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C4 rev manual valve body 2-3 shift problem

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Over the last few months I modified my tranny into a reverse manual valvebody from ArtCarr
Last weekend I got to drive the mustang with the modified tranny.
It all seemed to work fine, but then when I went from 2nd to 3th gear I feld the tranny disengaging the 2nd gear. The engine rpm went up(so I immediately backed off on the throttle). But it took almost 2 second to go to 3th gear (it sits in some kind of neutral), causing the increase in engine RPM.
A very long 2-3 flareup (2 second)

I drove the car shifting though the gears for about 30 minutes, but the problem remains.

For the rest the car behaves perfect, but the problem must be dealt with.

I am already in the books, trying to figure out the problem.

Anyone there with a good advice?

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Are you sure you need to go with a bigger apply servo with the reverse manual valve body? I know with my TCI reverse manual valve body the valve body doesnt use the apply side of the servo and instead uses the larger case sized release piston for the apply and release. The port is plugged going from the apply side into the case and the smaller piston O ring is removed. I'm sure it would still work with a standard configuration servo but it would shift weird like you describe.

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