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Newly rebuilt C4, (1973 model case); new PA 6 pinion planetary, hardened input shaft, new PA transbrake valve body, 6 clutch pack in front and 5 in rear, PA Pro shift servo and pro pump.
Problem: I have an electric shifter with an RPM switch set at 6800.

Everything seems to be operating fine, except the 1-2 shift happens exactly at 7200 RPM instead od 6800. The 2-3 shift hits exactly at 6800 with a 300 RPM flare.

If the shift point is set to 6000, the 1-2 shift happens at 6400 ant the 2-3 shift at 6000? If the shift point is set to 7000, the 1-2 happesn at 7400 and the 2-3 at 7000.

Car is very consistant in the 60' and the 1-2 shift is the same EVERY time.
Tranny with the new valve body now has 60 1/4 mile runs.
Any thoughts, there's not much left to change except the housing.

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