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C4 shifts into 3rd when manually held in 2nd

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I just put my fresh C4 back in my car and everything seems fine when I drive it in auto mode except for one thing. When I am shifting it manually and am in 2nd, at about 5,000 rpm it shifts into 3rd automatically. So basically I am unable to get the engine to rev past 5,000 in 2nd and can't get it to 3rd manually. Can somebody tell me why it is doing this and is it a simple fix? I am thinking maybe it has something to do w/ the vacuum module.
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What year is the transmission?
It may have the wrong year valve body.
I had the same problem and cured it with a TransGo shift kit. Not sure what the difference is but the TransGo kit fixed one trans with a TCI kit and another with a B&M.Both were early '67-'69 C4s.
I think that seems to be the general concensus. It is a '69 or '70 C4. I will have to check out that TransGo kit. Thanks guys.
In the one we had trouble with, I used both a B&M shift kit and then switched to a TransGo. Trans ran/acted the same with both, so good luck.
Chris,just curious ,with the transgo kit did you use the transgo gasket?They have extra holes that a stock gasket doesn't have to create a leak between 2 channels .
Yes. Went first with the Trans-Go kit, pulled that out and went to the B&M Trans Pak.

Wait - the TransGo kit that we used does NOT come with any separator plate gasket - it's the B&M kit that comes with a gasket.

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Well here,s one for ya. my 1st c/4 I put a trans-go kit in it & I did not have that problem. ( broke the case ). My 2nd c/4 I used the valve body out of the 1st with the same trans-go kit & now I do. Go figure.
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