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C4 to AOD

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Has anyone done this on their maverick or comet? From what I understand, it is pretty much a direct swap. Is this true? The AOD is from an 85 gran marquis with the 302. Will the driveshaft work or will I have to shorten it?
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The crossmember will have to be modified. Driveshaft has to be shorter, IIRC and you'll have to massage the trans tunnel a little. Other than that (and getting the TV cable/rod adjusted) it's a great way to improve mileage and driveability. I'd suggest at least 3.55 gears in the rear end though....I know my old Mustang has 3.08's with an AOD and 60 mph in OD is like 1400 RPM. Kind of lugs around.
Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. Do you think I should be able to use the driveshaft out of the marguis instead of mine? I don't want to shorten my driveshaft just in case I rebuild the C4. Also what are the gears in both transmissions?
the only way to tell is to get the AOD installed, then measure and compare it to the Marquis shaft. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears are the same between the AOD and C4. OD ratio is .68 I believe...which helps a bunch in dropping the cruise RPM.
One more question for you. What are the stock rear gears on a 302 comet? I talked to someone who did the swap on his maverick and all he had to do was put an electric fan on for extra room and flip the engine mounts around. That way the transmission mounts line up and the driveshaft works.
cool, I didn't know you could move the engine forward & make it all work out. I'll have to keep that in mind next time I get the opportunity to buy a cheap Maverick or Comet. Guy called me today...has a '72 Grabber with a 200 (or he says)...wants $100 for it. Gonna go look at it in a little bit.

Gears....It's probably got 2.79 gears in it if it's an 8" rear. Most of 'em were.
That's a good deal mavman. Thanks again for the info. What would be a good donor rear end for the 3.55's? Or would I be even better off with 3.79's(I think)? Sorry for so many questions but this will be my first time messing with gears.

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You'll want AT LEAST 3.55's...they came in Mustangs from '74-'78 and pintos/bobcats as well. Just have to scour the junkyards for 8" rear ends and look at the tag. Tag has the ratio on it. If you're lucky, you'll find a Mustang with a "3L55" on the tag...which designates a 3.55 ratio limited slip (posi). Grab it if you can...those are hard to come by.

There were also 3.80's, and aftermarket you can get 3.55, 4.11 (will also work with the overdrive) and 4.62. That's about it.
Thing with an AOD is you have to have the TV cable/rod adjusted right on the trans mission good away fast. Gears I put a AOD in my sons 72 grabber/302 with an Auburn 4.11 gears. In OD it's like 3.07s. Remember it's a 75% less gearing then the engine would feel 3.55s=2.66s.
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