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I'm not sure if this belongs in Cooling or Transmissions, but it's a C4 so I'll try here first.

I have a 1968 Mercury Montego MX with a 302 and a C4.

I was upgrading my radiator this past weekend and my idiot self wrecked one of the trans lines.

Does anyone have a picture of the way their 68 Torino or Fairlane's Lines hook up to the radiator? Must be a 302 and C4 to really have the identical lines. I suppose a 351 or a 289 would work, but at least a Windsor Small block.

I found a couple of sites that sell Torino ones and I want to make sure they match up, I can't imagine they don't but the image on the site doesn't look right to me.

Here's the links in case anyone needs them:


C4 - V8 (no pictures on this one)

thanks for your help!
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