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that is a pretty open question.
Drain the tranny. Remove
converter dust shield, converter nuts, speedo cable, tranny cross over mount, drive shaft,shifter.
Jack car up pretty high, use tranny jack if ya got one. I have used a 7 ton jack , but is tricky to balance tranny.
Just slide the tranny back converter and all.

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On the serious side. Disconnect the battery first. Jack up the back of the car. Do not lift a car off all 4s unless you're using a lift. Make sure the front wheels are blocked, otherwise when the rear tires come off the ground it can roll. Use jack stands and no clinder blocks. Drain the tranny and start disconnecting the driveshaft, linkage, starter. Once you have all those things done. You'll either need another friend (strong) or a trans jack. Something also is you want to use either a block, jack or bar and chain on the top and secure the rear of the engine. When you take the crossmember out from the trans, that's your rear (3rd) motor mount and the trans and engine will fall down in the back. Once the crossmember is out, disconnect the convertor nuts/bolts then the bellhousing trans bolts. Slowly and carefully back the trans evenly away from the engine and make sure the convertor is coming with the trans. To get to the convertor nuts there is a small access plate at the bottom front of the bellhousing. The trans will be heavy in the front and the convertor can fall out, so be careful. And have some rags ready for the possible mess. Even if you drain the trans pan the convertor will still be full of fluid. Get it that far and give us a yell. I always put all the bolts/nuts in a coffee can. You might have to undo the emergency cable. Just never know until you get under there. Now go get that 12 pack and take a break.
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