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I have a 74 C4 that I rebuilt and now I'm looking a getting a new valve body for it. I rebuilt the transmission that was giving to me It sat outside in the weather for years I had to replace the inpit shaft and the lines going to the govenor. I took it for the a test ride yesterday and it felt like the drive gears were draging (like it was taking off in 3dr gear) rev gear killed the motor when shifted into it. I took off the valve body to make sure it was in the transmission correct. It was not the downshaft rod was not in the valve body right. I put it in and made sure that the linkage was into the right place on the transmission. Now I have rev but drive is next to nothing I have to put out a lot of RMP to make the car go forward. I'm thinking that somewere in the valve body something is not right so I just want to get another valve body that is good and try that route. When I took the valve body out the fluid was clean ont burn smelling and still had new color.
Would like to have a valve body with a shift kit it is going into a 1963 fairlane with a stock 289 and daily driver.

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