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C5 Servo Questions

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I have a C5 tranny behind my little 302 in my 84 Ford Flareside. I was told it has a shift kit in it and I kind of believe it as it will hold first or second to any rpm. None the less I am fixing to flush the torque converter and tranny out and thought I might as well throw a shift kit in to be sure. I was looking at the Are those any good? I was told to stay away from B&M, True or false? What does it accutually consist of to install a shift kit? Someone mentioned drilling holes and changing some springs or something? What all do I need to be aware of?

Also I was thinking about getting a shift servo as well. What would be better in a truck, a H or a C. I think I have a N in it now, is their such a thing? Also im going to do the servo with fluid out but do you have to drain the fluid to change the servo or? I was looking at TCI servos and this one Is it worth a poo?

I am just trying to accomplish good firm shifts and hopefully barkin' second. My 302 has a RV cam and ~9.0:1 compression and Edelbrock four barrel ad intake and various other bolt ons if that is pertitenent to this thread.

Anyway I know this thread is long and drawn out, sorry. But if anyone would be willing to point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Also I cannot afford to just get a complete already built aftermarket tranny, or I wouldn't be asking these questions.

ps. One last question as I remembered it..After I do all this must I readjust my bands and everything? Some say yes and no? But im really not sure

Thanks a lot!

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