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Ok I decided to replace my Cabin Filter.
Here it is:
Open Hood and remove two really cheap plastic screws that hold down the plastic cowl section on the passenger side.
No need to remove the cowl or wiper just lift the cowl section a bit.

You can see the filter in place

Filter removed.

Shown Removed again.

Filter is in a plastic frame Here shown with removed and new filter installed.
The thing was Filthy with only 8000 mi.
Just replace and re-install.
Took about 10 minutes.
Cost of filter was $20 from Ford.
Too Easy, and now you know.

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a LOT of 05+ mustangs are having a problem with cowl 'leaks' putting water into the passenger floorboard area- and often taking out the SmartJunctionBox in the kick panel...the biggest cause is debris clogging the cabin air filter area...I had my hood off to paint a while back, took some pics of the drain- these need cleaned every couple years minimum- mine never leaked, but it was plugged near solid with bits of leaves/pine needles. if open the hole is pretty big, if you cant see/reach well with the hood on, should be able to get a small vac hose down in to clean it out, just be sure to gently push thru the flapper at the center to push crap out- mine had like a 'dirtsickle' for lack of better description stuck inside it, pushed it thru with a long screwdriver...


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