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I have a 66 Thunderbird with a high milage motor that is worn out.
I am building a new motor for it and want it to be a bit nasty sounding, but still able to keep vacuum to run the power acc.
I have found a rebuilt short block with flat top TRW forged pistons .030 over, and a set of C8AE-H heads with stainless valves and hardened seats, with double valve springs and a 3 angle valve job. the guy I got the short block from said the cam he has in it was set up for a 68 Torino GT 4 speed, and I should change it for my car with the Auto trans. looking for ideas on what cam to get before I start putting thing back together?
I was looking at the Comp Cams 268H or 270H grinds, but not sure how they will work in my heavy car? was also going to run the Edelbrock RPM intake with a 650 or 750 carb.
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