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On 2006-05-10 02:00, 351ciofgrunt wrote:
Ive been offered one cheap, and just wondering what it is, looks like a double pumper, anyone know what size?
A 6210 would be a 650 cfm spread bore double pumper-small primaries and extra large secondaries. Designed for GM vehicles in the 60's and early 70's. It was calibrated for pollution control and was a suitable replacement for the Quadrajet.

Not particularly valuable--I sold 2 on ebay for about $40US each on eBay.

You would have a hard time using one on a Ford, as very few manifolds have the correct bolt on pattern. I ran a 6210 for many years on my 351w using a Holley Street Dominator. It did well as a daily driver and would knock out 19 MPG on the highway.


65' Stang

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thanks for the tip, i looked on the Holley site and found a list of carbs, its listed as:

650 CFM Four Barrel Street Carburetor
Emission Legal Carburetor Engineered to Improve Performance. Model 4165 Spread Bore, Divorced Choke, Mechanical Secondary

damn i was hoping it was a squarebore...might give it a miss...
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