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I have a full return fuel system for my carb. I am adding a nitrous fuel system. It is a deadhead regulator for the nitrous only. I want to make an air bleed for the deadhead regulator. My question is, can I tap into my existing return line for the air bleed? I don't have an easy way to make another return line to the tank. I thought I could either put a gauge port adapter where my return line connects to my bypass regulator and run the air bleed line from the deadhead into there. Or also go about 4 feet down on the return line going away from the bypass regulator and put the gauge port adapter in there.

I just don't know if the deadhead regulator pressure will affect the bypass regulator or vice versa. I have the flare fitting and 0.02o jet plumbed into the unused port on the deadhead regulator already, I just dont know where to put the fuel!

Anyone done this?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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