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due to my latest thought patterns and stuff......

i feel the need to decrease my outgoing expense as much as i possibly can. makes sense right? k. well here is my problem... i was informed that i cannot just 'give' my cougar back to the dealership.. they will end up auctioning it off and then send me the bill for amount still owed or whatever and it will show up as a repo on my credit. big no no.

WOULD it be possible?????? that i could possibly trade my cougar in on an older vehicle (thinking 92-97 pickup truck) and REDUCE my current car payment (which is $297/month) along with my car insurance. ??? i know a different vehicle would drop my car insurance, cuz i would no longer be driving a "sports car" .

i do have a good buddy (the guy has actually sold me 4 of my 8 vehicles) that currently is working at a chevy dealership (been at one ford dealership and two chevy dealerships in the 3 years i've known him... always treated me good) and i was thinking of contacting him and seeing what he thought about this idea and if he could help me out possibly.

any advice/opinions/insults are welcome.
thank you
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