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I won a super prize at the NSRA southwest street rod nationals on April 13th, and I am looking to sell it. It's a set of polished stainless fittings and real braided lines and 2 vendor t shirts as well from Gotta Show products.

1- 351106 universal engine oil cooler kit
1-233101 Polished stainles steel GM transmission hose kit
1-343105 Polished stainless A/C hose kit
2- Gotta Show t-shirts

I have the entire packet as I received it from the NSRA. It does not have to be redeemed by me, you just have to send in the paperwork within the packet with your information in it. The value is at around $1050. I'm asking $650 for everything. I'll mail the packet to you and you can send off for it.


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