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I need help from a PRO. 351 Boss (quench heads) Is an 850 holley to big??

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Depends on application. What are you doing with it? What Part# Holley? Do you have the ability to tune a carb?
I have run 750 vaccum secondary with Great success on Street Strip Cars over the years. They are pretty forgiving. Even better than the old 3310's would be a Edelbrock 750, Especially if you are a beginner, They are about a simple as a performance carb gets and very forgiving.

1991 LX Mustang 347 C4 combo Mid 11's with the AC on.
1984 Mustang GT 460, Powerglide "Still putting it together" hoping for 9's !!

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What are you doing with it? Is it a race car, Street Strip or a cruiser? Everybodys perferance and ability is different, If you know what your doing the some of the race carbs would be a good choice, if your new at it the its probably better to go with a smaller more street orientated carb. If you try going with a Big Carb and you don't know what your doing you will only get frustrated and be chasing problems. The fun is in driving the cars not working on them.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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