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Bunch of the members from my group on facebook are planning on going to
the Carlisle Ford Nationals 2013.
I registered the group as an Official Club of Carlisle and the
Muscle Car,Motorheads & Mayhem group will appear under the Club drop down list soon on the online registration form.
If your not affiliated with any other club and and want to attend with our group just send me a message. I have various Ford/Mercury models in my group so if your planning on attending why not came as a group. Would like to meet some Ford guys and gals in person.
If you belong to another group that goes then great just want to see
as many go as possible not matter who they go with.
If your a small group and want to combine together that would be good as the Carlisle Event manager told me it is wise to combine smaller groups to create one big group and I already registered my group with Carlisle so we should be good to go any time now for Pre-registration online..

I have a 72 Gran Torino wagon i'm customizing over the winter and bringing to the show as there will be a big presence of Gran Torino,Rancheros,Mustang Cobra II's and would love to add more or other ford Models to the fun.
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