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cheap sumbitch lookin 4 free advice

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ok- at the risk of gettin flamed and mamed if i buy brand new BARE heads what parts (in general NOT BRAND SPECIFIC)will be needed and what are some good questions to ask distributor-yes i am talking about 175cc china knock offs also what sort of machining should i expect -with out of the box aluminum ready to run heads between $1100.00-$1350.00 can $498.00 bare castings save enough to make a difference .the valves i want are manley pro flo they are $55. for 8 ,so that alone adds $110.00 -my target is $850.00 less rockers because the other name brand heads aren't shipped with rockers either.please leave politics out of this one and concetrate on CHEAPNESS-i am a CHEAP BASTARD as evidenced by the 68 CENT pilot BUSHING used so i could keep the same 4cyl T-5 !!LOL
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basicly, you want to know what you need after you buy the heads?

you need

push rod guide plates
valve locks
valve springs
valve spring retainers
and they should have guides and seats.

thats pretty much it.
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