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The boot rubber is too impure, it's made in china out of OUR old tires, and the stuff 47 years ago isn't a boot but a thick stiff cup. The new stuff is a full containment style and aint worth a crap as you can plainly see....
heres the ones I got- a whole 4bucks a pair
Energy Suspension 9-13101R - Energy Suspension Tie Rod End Dust Boots - Overview -
they fit OK, are more of the stiffer cup than the flimsy bellows style...the balljoint boots(also sealed units) look fine still, I think just the tierod supplier used junk rubber... just glad I was able to get away with boots instead of replacing both ends and realigning- probably to have the same thing in a few years. the new ones are urethane, ought to hold up a lot better
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