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Check you're private messages and you will have the list and prices of the 351W race stuff. You get first dibbs and then I will post what's left of them in public. Let me know soon so I can stick them in the classifieds and in e-bay. I got a 466 to get running. HURRY!!!!

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OK, you asked for it

I will consider trades or partial trades for performance 460 parts. I need very good quality rockers in 1.7/1.73/1.8 ratios that can handle very high spring pressures with a large roller cam, front sump 8qt minimum front sump oil pan with pickup, timing cover with dip stick, 3 block plates for C-6, MSD billet 460 distributor, a set of Scat/CAT/Eagle H-beam rods, aluminum water pump, 1.72/2.20 high quality stainless valves in stock or longer than stock length to handle 250#s or seat pressure with solid roller, Victor 460 intake with Dominator flange, rocker arm stud guirdles, main guirdle with studs, ARP head bolts, 14" diameter Dominator base air cleaner(alum or chrome), and tall aluminum Motorsport or equivelant valve covers. Those are 460 parts I still want and need so if you want to trade or make partial trades, let me know.

Here is what I got for sale:

(1)Solid roller Comp Cams custom grind cam & lifters for 351W. P/N# 35-000-9 FW295-5/306-1, advertised dur 295/306, Dur at .050 is 260/270, lift is .677/.688 lift w/1.72 rockers, 108 LSA, 108 intake C/L and includes lifters. Made serious power! E/C $375

(2)351W one piece chrome moly .080" wall thickness pushrods. L/N $75

(3) 1.72 Omega roller rockers for 7/16" stud mount. E/C $175

(4) Probe SBF stud guirdles with locks for stock and Dart heads with 7/16" studs. Very nice quality. L/N $100

(5) Comp Cams roller needle bearing thrust plate for cam. L/N $45

(6) 351W Super Victor intake. Brand new unmodified and in the box. Never bolted on or modified. New $265

(7) 9qt front sump Canton oil pan with pickup. 4 trap doors, bolt in windage tray, integral crank scraper, bung for temp sender and/or level switch. Very trick pan. Used 3 weeks. L/N $300 (cost $420 new)

Total Seal gapless TS1 RACE ring set part#909003001 for 4.030 bore and 5/64 top, 5/64 2nd, & 3/16 low tension oil option. New in box. $150 (cost $193 new)

(9) Pioneer SFI 157 tooth 28oz balance flex plate new in box. $50 (cost $76 new)

(10) 351C/429/460 Crane Energizer 1.7 ratio roller rockers for 7/16" studs with poly locks. Used 1 week. L/N $150

(11) 4000 stall converter for C-4. Custom built for 302 on nitrous. Has the 11 7/16" bolt circle for 164 tooth flex plate. Fully rollerized, welded fins, and extra thick fins. New, never used. $300 ($525 new)

(12) 4500 stall C-4 converter with 10 1/2" bolt circle for 157 tooth flex plate. Custom built for my 351W on nitrous. has welded fins, extra thick fins to handle a lot of nitrous, meduim stall H/D stator, anti-baloon plates front and rear, & fully rollerized. Got me 1.32 60ft times in 3200# car with 351W and 175 horse nitrous. It will stall more if using more nitrous or a stroker. Excellent converter and L/N. Damn hard launches and fully streetable. "soft hit" for more consistent lauches(better traction) and aslo is super streetable. $500 (cost me $775)

(13)'70 429 SCJ heads complete with new solid cam springs, retainers, seals, original screw in studs and guide plates, ported exhaust port, new valve job(stock Ford valves should be replaced), fully shot peened and look like new castings(bare iron and unpainted), & unported intake ports. I bought these off e-bay for my 466 and then traded stroker 351W parts for a pair of Motorsport aluminum CJ A-429 heads instead so I don't need these anymore. Beautiful heads. $750

(14) Federal Mogul std (not oversize) rod bearings for 351W or 392 stroker with 351W rod journals. Full set. New in box PN# 8-7155CH $30

Also have some '87-'93 Mustang stuff like very cherry virgin rust free front LX fenders($60 each), factory tinted door glass for HB $25 each, power window motors left and right side $25 each, etc...
All prices are without shipping. Actual shipping charges will be charged. E-mail me for more details or to buy.

KENT- '65 Failane 500 wagon, '68 Falcon wagon, '78 Fairmont wagon, '76 Pinto wagon, '00 F-250 SD V-10 crew cab off road 4X4 w/ towing and camper package, '01 Focus SE w/2.0L DOHC

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