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I wanted to put this in the Galaxie forum where I know people but this is neither tech (although it is having issues) and not a Galaxie even though it is in the Ford/Mercury family. This is long and probably misspellings and sentence structure errors so be warned!

Two months or so my nephew sent me a text with an add for a '60 Rambler and said my sister liked it. I'd been sort of looking for a car but more towards something Ford. Everything I found, Torino's, Rancheros, Tbirds except one way out of my price range, she didn't really like. I loved the '73 Torino myself actually and was hoping she would like it but noooo! So I bought the rambler and my nephew drove it home from Portland OR to north of Eugene. He said it was the first time he ever did the speed limit and he learned that if he gave it a lot of gas and let off the wipers went like crazy! He had a shop towel for a wiper blade even. He wanted to do a couple things so it was at his house which my sis rarely goes there. Two days later she was there and saw it! Ruined that surprise, she found the Eggo which is what we named it when nephew needed the address and I told him he'd be all over Portland looking for his Eggo.

We continued looking, I wanted to find a green cougar like her and her deceased husband had in the early 80s but we looked at mustangs, fairlanes and others. She never really talked about her '65 Mustang ever which was her first official car. Before that she had gramp's 65 Rambler american which is why she liked Eggo even though they look nothing alike. One mustang i told my nephew when he went to look at it to tell the guy to keep it. Which the ad came down right after that. He was having a hard time parting with it so said keep it or you'll be beating yourself up for selling it. He bought it from his First Sergeant in the Army in '89.

I contacted someone in Tacoma with a red cougar and then we finally found a green one in portland only like a mile from where the eggo come from. This time he didn't go home with it, he took it way out in the sticks to a friends house where my sis would have no reason to go out there, or so we thought! She kept talking about going out there and i told her that she should wait cause he'll need the motorhome there to work on it and i wouldn't trust it. (Riley, who's house car went works on cars for people and my sis is having problems with her mh). Hard being so far away though and the car needing work! Man let us take it with only a $500 deposit. But it overheated cause patched radiator blew and then next morning tranny flood all over the floor and a rust home in the driver side floor. So called the guy and told him all the issues, which he probably knew the floor and he let us have it for half, $5000. Took me 4 days to find a way to get him the darn money so gave him an extra 500 also. Poor guy! Even transferring from my bank to his wasn't like it used to be and they needed your first born also!

So it's going but has an intermittent starting issue but posted that in the Mustang forum. We decide to go the the tavern in my little home town to do the reveal. The tavern is the only business in the town, if it goes the town is gone! So family is there, Riley shows up outside, then i contact the people across the street and tell them not to come to the tavern and ask who's cougar that is because it's someone visiting them! I called sis to see if she wanted to come have a beer, that dad and nephew etc are there already.

The plan was to go out for a smoke break and put a big bow on the car...never happened!

That girl spotted that cougar a half mile down the road!! She did a ME! I'm the one that has all the who, what where of an old car not her! So she comes in the tavern talking about a cougar and we are all like what cougar and look outside to see this car. We figured she would go sit with my dad and told her aaron and i are going to have a smoke real quick. Be darned if she didn't come out too! Across the street she goes to drool over the car! First thing she sees is the license plate. I had a fake one made up with her initials on it. Then she sees the lady bugs on the rear window and looks inside to see the Oregon beaver floor mats. So she says i know! I'll call kora she'll know who's it is! Her granddaughter was visiting her friend at the house where the car is parked. I thought oh shoot! So while she's on the phone, and kora has no idea who's car it is, my nephew hands her the keys. She looks at them and bounces them around while on the phone still. When she hangs up she asks him what those were for. For your car, what? It's your car. She heads over to the car and as she's walking she asks "Did Deb do this?!" Everyone laughed and aaron says yep then she calls me a butt. Then the tears. It was great!! She missed the frog foot prints on the trunk lid or she might of been suspicious! As i have frogs on my engine etc. She does too on the air cleaner, foot prints anyway. Was great to see her be totally blown away, she had no idea there was another car somewhere after the Eggo. Now gotta sell poor little Eggo. There's a couple people down there that might want it though.

One night there the shop was full of kids and parents and the guy standing against the front of the car is the shop owner went up in his loft to bang on his drums a while to entertain the kids. He's pretty good!

Video of the day. A little bit of the road where we had the car. It's a couple miles or so long.

out of canyon

Christmas surprise

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Wheel Hood

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive battery Vehicle Car

One chrome and one blue valve cover. The chrome ones are for an older car like my '64 galaxie but with the old oil filler in the intake and the road draft system so I guess they just decided not to take the one back off and left it that way. The other blue and chrome one is in the trunk. I got a new radiator for it, power steering pump and water pump. They didn't have the power steering hooked up, said the ram leaked. Not the prob. Bought a belt and filled it up to be sure and fluid went everywhere! The pressure hose was against the manifold and melted through. Replaced hose and everything seemed good but the bearings sounded kinda bad and we had no dipstick either so I just bought a whole new pump and reservoir. Also got rid of the tiny air cleaner.

Car Automotive tire Vehicle Wheel Motor vehicle

Nephew's little many, he isn't quite walking yet but won't be long!! Teaching him early!

Tire Wheel Shoe Vehicle Motor vehicle

Riley, hider of cars!

Sky Car Cloud Vehicle Tire

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Hood

This is poor little so ugly it's cute, Eggo
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

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I like them both! Ramblers are great. Vacuum windshield wipers!

I like Cougars a lot too. That one looks nice. The power steering hose reminds me of an incident many many years ago in my friend’s ‘68 Mustang. Hose was touching the header and melted through. What a mess and tons of smoke!

Great story and what a nice thing to do for your sister!

- John

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That's a great story. My Grandfather had an eggo same color. I always appreciated the honesty of the Rambler.

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Definitely didn't take long to make a huge puddle of fluid all over the floor. Happy most went downward and not up! When my sister had gramp's rambler the passenger was in charge of pulling the string attached to the wiper when it rained to pull them back as they'd never return!

The cougar we have to trace hoses to see if it's a vacuum leak or a more expensive issue on the headlight doors. I guess all cars have some kind of issue that's a pain to figure out now that i mentioned those 2 things. lol

That little Eggo I don't think will let anyone down. The abuse we put gramp's rambler through it's a wonder it sort of lived through it to be traded off for a mustang. A bunch of us used to pick that thing up in the back and get the tires a going and drop it trying to get a little "URCH" out of it all the time. Cheap entertainment! Hotrodding a hotrodderless powerless beast. hahaha

Hoping when the weather warms up I can get more accomplished that didn't have time to do or was just too cold! It was worth it to see her face and knew I had the right car when she was acting like I do when i see an old car, any old car!
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