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Chrysler 300C (Hemi) and my 76 Torino

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A couple of nights ago a Chrysler 300C went by me, he was driving fairly aggressively. A few blocks later both of us were in the right lane. As we pulled up to the lights, I noticed he moved into the left lane. So as I pulled up to the lights we were side by side.

Now this is not unusual, many people appreciate older cars. I got the car last August and it gets lots of looks. Although as the light changed to green he floors it. (Plenty of squealing) I remembered the specs on the car, 340HP, and 390 ftp torque so I wondered to myself if I can keep up with the Hemi.

So I put it to the mat, and by the 55 mph I had him by half a length. At this point I let up, while this road is partitioned to keep pedestrians away, no point in taking chances. He also lets up, and as we come up to the next set of lights he rolls his window down. I give him the thumbs up and he says “Sweet Ride”.

Even though the whole thing lasted only a few seconds, and we did not speed, my heart was pounding. I felt like a teenager again. Strange huh?
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yee haww, i wish i could drag race against a 2 1/2 ton bat winged hamberger snatcher. cool car for sure.
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