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I was concerned about my distributor situation, so I went on a search and found this website.

Here's the distributor kit I need!!! Plus more...Check it out.
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I'm right behind you. I'm building a 408 Clevor too. Well, I think I have everything. What intake are you running that is causing distributor clearance problems? Oh, I reread the post and you picked up the adapter plates. I saw your pics, is it a vintage boss intake or new?
I am going to use a Track Boss 351w intake.
Taking it to the shows will draw more crowds with a Clevor 408 than an AFR 408 too. My header primaries are 1 7/8. This thing is going to be a monster with 15lbs of boost. What kind of pistons are you using? I originally bought my 408 kit to use Windsor Sr Aluminum heads, but now I think I might need different pistons. I'm going to clay it first to see if it'll clear though. I'll be keeping an eye on your project,


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If you don't mind my asking, how much were those custom pistons? And, what length pushrods did you use? I'm also running a roller cam. My heads already have the high port plates installed . I am using a conversion intake that bolts onto a 351w w/cleveland 2v heads . I haven't started putting my engine together. I have a -22cc dish 351w .030 over and will make about 9.0:1 compression with the 2v heads. I'm thinking the pistons are dished enough to not have clearance issues with the valves but I'll still clay measure it first. Thanks for the help by the way.


I blew a piston ring in the 351w at the track so I pulled the heads, intake and exhaust. I test fit my Cleveland heads and Track Boss intake on the block. I need to shave some of the shock towers to clear the exhaust. I need better lighting in my garage as well. I have slowly been collecting all the little bits and pieces needed for the 408w build. I need a few more parts but I can start the build up now. Looks like this combo is getting popular.

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On 2007-01-15 11:32, Seijirou wrote:
Another guy trying to get all his ducks in a row for a clevor.

I have been exploring this route for about 3 years now.

I'm curious if anybody knows about pushrod length. I do need the info with what lifters are used aswell because that makes a difference.

393Clevor used 8.9"/9.0" with flat tappet. I'm using hydraulic roller lifters with 8.5" push rods. I think you should measure for yourself to make sure. I actually could have gone with stock 351c push rods 8.492". To be honest, I did order 8.9/9.0 push rods, back order, thinking I'd take a short cut and go off 393Clevor's specs. I cancelled it just in time to not get charged.
I work during the day and get time at night to play with the toys, sorry for the dark pics. I'll take better ones during the weekend.

shaved my shock towers

clearance for the T56, still need to massage a few spots.

Roller 408Clevor, 2004 Viper T56, custom adapters

It fits, but I didn't make enough clearance for the #3 spark plug. I'll have to fix that.

66 Mustang roller 351w, T-5
63 Falcon squire, roller 302, T-5

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On 2007-03-14 03:27, FATNFAST wrote:
Very exciting for you at this point I'm sure. Right On!!!!

I'm sure you are having flashbacks. The most redeeming part was when I mated the tranny to the engine two days ago. I made my own tranny/bellhousing adapter and pilot bearing/bushing adapter. I wasn't sure if my measuring and tolerances would be tight. And, without a clutch alignment tool I was planning for fighting against the pressure plate to get the disc lined up. The darn thing slipped in. I got the disc centered by holding it by had and sequence tightening the pressure plate. Yes, I am very excited. Ordering the driveshaft tomorrow, and maybe a parts run to JEGS. I'll be back with progress.
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