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I recently put new coil springs in my 64 Fairlane. The old insulators crumbled, so the new springs went in metal-to-metal. I get some spring noise now. I am going to have to pull one back out anyhow since I didn't get the upper control arm shaft perfectly centered. I have been searching for new spring insulators. I see them listed for 66 and new Fairlanes, and 64.5 and up Mustangs. Are either of these the same size as what I need for my 64 Fairlane?

Also, I have a set of unused upper control arm shafts that will fit a 66 and up Fairlane. They were in the trunk of my car when I bought it. The guy at the alignment shop checked the part numbers for me. Apparently the previous owner bought the parts and never found out they were not for this car. If someone wants them, they can have them for $20 plus shipping.
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