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comp says to use 15-40 rotella diesel oil for cam break-in!!!

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i got my new cam and lifters and comp is telling me to use rotella diesel oil for cam break in. they are sayingit has an additive for extra lubrication.

has anybody tried this out to see how it works or are they blowing smoke?]

any input would be appreciated.
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It has zinc which is no longer in most standard oils. The zinc protects the metal to metal contact better than anything else.
i'm guessing that a good thing. heehehhe. i think it'll still be safe to use that break-in lube oil that they sent me.
Add some GM EOS (Engine Oil Supplement) as well for the break in.
I agree with PSIVORY....add a couple of cans of GM EOS...that stuff has been around for years and at one time was a requirement for dealerships to add to a new car before the purchaser took it away. I use it on every cam break good. I warm it up (fairly thick) and dump it in just as I'm about to fire the fresh engine up.
Hey there all, wondering if Valvoline 20-50 Racing has the zinc as well?
Anyone know? Im pretty sure that there single weight does like,40,50,60wt.
I thought i remember something about this when i had the 2.0 flat tappet 4 cly engine. I religously used the 20-50wt Racing after Esslinger said that they use it because of the anti-wear properties verses Synthetic. But i cant remeber if they said it had the zinc in it or not.
Valvoline Racing has even more zinc, its great stuff

The Rotella is good as well. In either case though its the high value of Boron and Zinc that really help the break in

I do recommend anyone goes down to Chevy though and gets a pint of EOS, its made for exactly what we are doing. Prime the crap out of the pump, have fuel in the carb, and light it off.
I think id hang out at the curb of a chevy dealer, then give someone a 20 to get me the stuff. " hey man, get me some eos at the parts counter?"
Really though i felt weird when i went to the dealer for a quart myself. I needed it when i did my crower cam on the 2.0 . I still had wear issues, but i think i shouldve spent the extra time and money and used the old soft springs to break in (like they recomended) instead of the high performance springs that came with the kit. But live and learn.

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