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Well, here it is Feburary 6 th. and I still dont have my escrow check from my mortgage company!

I paid the city taxes with my own money on the last day of last year,so I could claim it on the 2001 taxes.

I then called all over tyring to find out where the hell my escrow check and why was it not sent to city hall like the said it would be!

I tried calling the mortgage company first of course,I was on hold for over a hour three days straight!

I tried there website that said it was a 5-7 day response,whitch took a week and a half to e-mail something back to me.

The e-mailed me back and said "your escrow check was sent to your city hall on Dec. 16 2001,check to see if a double payment was made and you will be refunded if it was".

So, off to city hall to check on this possible double payment thing?

Nope, no payment except the one I gave them of my own money,so call back the A-holes at the mortgage company and say "no city hall doesnt have it,where the hell is it!"

I told the chick from the mortgage company,"Im really pissed about this escrow check thing,If I didnt have the money in my checking to pay it on the last day of 2001,I would have lost the tax write off!"

I also told her,"I need that money right now,thats money I pay every month into a escrow account,its not like your giving me your companies money its my money your holding from me"!

She says back, "well sir you have to prove to us that you paid the taxes your self before another check can be sent to you".

Im like"oh christ what the hell do I need to get this damn thing straight?"

She says, "well send a copy of the cancelled check and a copy of the city tax paper showing what address the taxes are for."

So I had to go into my bank and order a copy of the cancelled check for $3.00 and a two day wait,and then once it came in I had to gather all the other papers those friggin morons needed to issue a new check to me.

So,after all that is sent weeks ago,Im still not getting the check in my mail?

I figure I better call city hall and see if those A-holes sent it to my city hall by mistake now?

Yes,its there it got there January 17th,so its a double payment,and now city hall never imformed me that it was just sitting there for weeks now.

So,at least I know where it is now,my city hall.

I go in today and say "there was a double payment of this address,Im the owner and Im here to get the check that was sent by my mortgage company"

The city hall lady says "yes its showing a double payment,but I cant give you the check now"

Im really getting sick of all this run around S**T about this point but Im like "why not you said its showing double payment,I paid the first one,the second one is from the mortgage company it was late getting here with and its my money"

She tells me "well yes,but we need a copy of the cancelled check to prove you paid it to us,and then we can cut you a check this Friday for the amount due to you"

Im like "you gotta be jacking me? I cant believe this whole damn thing,do you know Ive been srcewing with this escrow check thing for over two months now? And the worst part is all this time Im wasting trying to get my own money!"

So,off to the bank again to get a copy of the same cancelled check I sent to the morgage company,but this time city hall needs it,so $3 more and a couple days wait for this proof to come in!

I cant believe how a company can screw up like this and then make the customer wait and run around like a moron for weeks trying to get there own money back?

My mom did some checking and calling for me during some of this,and she found out 9 escrow checks from the same mortgage company to my city got lost in the same manner as mine did.

What a damn mess, I have never worked so hard to get something back that was all mine in the first place.

Just so you guys know,the mortgage company was RBMG and they totally suck!

My mortgage was sold in January 2002,to GMAC I sure hope they know what the hell there doing there?


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DT, I am sorry that you had to jump through all of those hoops. I have been there and done something similar to that. Only I get to do it every term. Oh joy.

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What a mess! I wouldn't think it would be worth all the trouble, but I know how much taxes are up here! Outrageous... 2x what they were in Ohio...

GMAC... That sounds like nothing but trouble(for a Ford guy)!
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