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So I will be posting pics soon of my parts collection for my build.

So far I have picked up:

Accel dual point dizzy
New cap, rotor, racing points, 7mm silicone wires
Edelbrock vintage dual quad intake
4 carter 4V's from the old 312's (two complete and two for parts)
One complete 304 ss brake line set for The Beast
One complete parts car
One extra die-cast XL/LTD grill
New brake booster
New MC
New K/H 4 piston calipers
New front brake hoses (dated 7/2012)
Extra set of bumpers, 1 re-chrome candidate and one driver
New ss crossover and hose hook up brake lines for the K/H calipers
New inner and outer bearing/race sets for the spindles
New rear wheel cylinders
New upper and lower ball joints for the spindles
New rotors

And all of that doesn't even really broach the surface of what I will need overall..

The sad thing is these are just the basics to be safe whenever it goes back on the road lmao!!

More to follow.


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You listed one part sequence......

Your choice where you wanna go.....
Sorry FE, it may be because I am tired, but I don't seem to comprehend exactly what you mean. Please elaborate. :)
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