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Hey guys... just wondering if someone can do the math for me as to what compression ration I am currently running...

My 306 has cast (ya, I know) flat-top pistons with the stock deck world JR heads...
Chamber volume... 58cc
head gaskets... Fel-Pro 9333PT-1 or 1011-2

Also, depending on what compression I am running, am I able to deck the heads to gain combustion?

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I'm trying to find out how thick those gaskets are... but their website wont tell me. Anyone know?
the 1011-2 should be .039
TK, dont forget to take into account your valve reliefs and your piston deck height. they can be pretty out of whack unless you blueprinted the block.
Good call.
It works out I am running a 10.451 compression... so thats about the max for me anyway.
Thanks for the tips!
remember.... thats the "static" compression ratio. when the engine is running, a big cam will bleed off compression because of overlap. the bigger the cam-the more overlap-the lower your actual "running" ratio.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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