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What are you guys doing? Trying to get me to bite on a non-automotive related topic so you can go back to talking about politics?

Thanks a lot! Only now do I truly understand all those child birth stories. That worked me over pretty good. So, how am I going to make sure this kid prefers wrenching over video games? Heck, it doesn't even have to be wrenching just some kind of tactile hobby will do. Probably the least of my concerns. We're real happy and thanks for the congrats.

See ya,

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I am wondering why someone, Ahem Chirag, didn't tell me about this. Congrats Jon!


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I was just trying to be funny...

Congrats on the birth my friend. Dont worry about trying to make sure its a gear head. Just try and keep the kid out of the garage while your wrnching. Willie isnt even 3 yet and it was all we could do to keep him out of the way while putting the tranny back in Larry's mach.

Tonight he was workin the screwdriver quite well as I removed the door from an old dryer to put it out for the trash.

Kids are great.
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