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Convertible missing all parts

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I found a nice looking 64 Galaxy convertible but the problem is all of the convertible parts (frame, canvas top, pump) are missing.
The well is only being covered by the boot now.
What would it cost to have the top installed once I source all the parts?

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It cost me $2100. $1100 for the first guy and $1000 for the second guy to fix everything the first guy screwed up. And that doesn't include the cost of the top.

Plus the cost of a case of Preparation H to help reduce the pain.
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Now and then the top frames show up on ebay. Shipping might be costly and the hardest thing to find is a good header bow! I rarely have my top up but now and then think it would be nice to have a real top. Maybe one day i'll go for it! Good luck in your search.
First thing you should do is make sure it is a factory convertible and not a home made “parade car” as some people call it when they cut the top off a coupe or sedan. Third and fourth digits of the VIN should be 65 or 69 according to a quick google search.

- John
I was just quoted $2000 including top and labor, not including what else while they are there. Luckily, I have the frame and pump still in the car.
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