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converting my auto 65 comet to 4 speed

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well on the highway last night for the first night out of the year my comets c-4 blew up. dont know exactly what happend other than the car will not go into any gear at all now. Now im wondering if i have to take the tranny out how hard would it be to put in a 4 speed?? what clutch pedals work?? can i use a top loader with a 289?? Im not a mechanic by any means so any little info will help. I just figure for the money im going to spend having someone drop the tranny and fix it if it isnt that hard and expensive to do id like to put a 4 speed in. thanks
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Hi! RaceU4her,

It will be cheaper to rebuild the C4 than to convert from auto trans to 4-speed.
To convert to a manual trans you will need a servicable 4-speed, T10 or Toploader, that should get freshened up, i.e. bearings, brass, and gaskets. The trans will need to have the proper tailshaft housing (known as the "Basket Handle&quot
to have the shifter in the proper location. You will need a shifter. Hard to find these days wether it's stock or Hurst Comp. Plus. You will need a bellhousing, flywheel, clutch and pressure plate. You will need a clutch equalizer (Z-Bar) with frame and block pivots, throw-out bearing and fork.You will need a pedal assembly from a manual trans equiped Falcon or Comet. It's not an easy project. Particularly if you're not mechanical. It's also very expensive. Stick with the C4. Put a later model valve body ('67 or later) and shift kit (Transgo) in it. You'll be to shift manually or automatically.
Hope this helps. Feel free to ask further questions.
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That is just the start of it.. See my PM.
It may be cheaper, but the autos are not near as much fun to drive as the 4-speeds,I just got thru doing what your talking about, Its not that bad of a job,just do your home work and get all your parts before hand,you may even find an old donar car with every thing you need if your car is a 64 falcon conv. your change will be about the same as mine. theres a lot of options for you. the t-10,the top loader,or the t-5 five speed depends on what you want,the 5 speed seems to be the way to go now.
well, i already have a 61 falcon with a t-10 in it. if i was to decide to get a little crazy and take the falcon apart would those pedals and linkage fit?? i dont think falcons came with 4 speeds in 61 anyway which makes me think the pedals had to come out of something else or a later model falcon. theres no mustang or any other model that you can make work? my c4 already has a 2500 converter and shift kit and reverse throttle body and all that, but its just no wheres near as fun as a 4 speed.
I don't know about the 61 four speed but the clutch linkage and bell housing and associated parts I've seen on ebay several times. I like the 4 speed for several reasons no oil on driveway or garage floor ,lighter and are a lot more fun to drive.just do your home work on the conversion and asked questions on this forum, these guys have a lot of experence and can help you.
If you have a 6 bolt block go with a T5. It is a much easier conversion when going from an automatic. You can easily install a cable clutch, and you don't have to worry about the zbar and linkage. You get that extra gear for overdrive. You don't have to worry about the very expensive shifter and shift linkage. You have one small hole in the middle of the tunnel and you won't have to find a 4speed hump to install. the pedal from any early falcon will work on any early falcon. Mustangs are different. Early Fairlanes should work. You could probably make a lot of different ones work. I bought a zoom quadrant and a aftermarket adjustable cable for a foxbody mustang. I affixed the quadrant to the pedal and ran the cable. If you don't want to make your own you can buy one from several places. Mustang Steves is one that comes to mind. There are a lot of T5s around and lots of parts to fix them. Get the bell housing and clutch set if you can. You need the 28 oz 10 1/2 inch flywheel for the older motors. They bolt right in. You can fabricate or buy a transmission mount. i made my own. You will have to shorten your drive shaft a inch and a half or so. If you have a five bolt block then there are other concerns. Happy motoring.
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I agree if I had it to do over again I would do the t-5.if you still are looking at the 4-speed there is a complete setup on ebay minus clutch pedals for a falcon or comet
can i have a link to the ebay auction?
It's not too hard to convert to a four speed. I did it in my 64 Convert. There are some key parts, but they are obtainable. I sent you a PM, send me an email and I'll send you some pics of what you need.
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I'm with retyler. Go with a t5 and clutch cable setup. The original ford mechanical clutch rod/equalizer bar setup is costly when you have to piece it together.
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