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Could be old news but after seeing my first television ad for Copart today, it appears their website is now dedicated to auctioning automobiles for consignors including finance companies, banks, dealers, fleets, rental car companies and the insurance industry. In other words, lots of salvaged, wrecked, and repossessed vehicles from tow lots around the country.

The old clunky interface has been improved and unless I'm missing something, I don't see a parts-specific search function anymore. Copart's auctioning of automobiles is vastly different than Ebay, in that vehicles have a set future date on which they will be auctioned. Then, as if you were a bidder in an audience, you can bid online in real time, once you are registered for $24.95 of course. At, the auctions do not end at a specific time, they end when the the highest bid is made uncontested. A virtual auctioneer counts down the auction... "Going once, Going twice, Sold to the highest bidder"... and the auction stops.

Anyhow, the new user interface is worth checking out and having online bidding access to these types of cars is great for possibly picking up a parts car dirt cheap.

See the "Search By Type" box on the Copart homepage. Throw your model in there and see what's coming up.


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