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Well, it looks like I came up just a little bit short on this one. I was trying to get my 68 cougar race ready by today, but I just didn't quite make it. Probably went snowboarding too much these last couple weeks. Probably riding too much as well. I'm moving to Phoenix on Tuesday and I really wanted to have it done so I could take it with me, but......

Here's the specs
410 Windsor
11.42 to 1
SCAT Forged crank and rods
SRP Pistons
AFR 205's
Super Victor
Solid Roller 258/256 @ .050 .641 .649 110ls
1.6 Scorpion Rockers
BIGS HP 950 Stage 5
Derale Electric Fan
CSR Electric Water Pump
MSD Digital 6
Mallory Comp 140 Fuel Pumps
1/2" fuel lines
Edelbrock Performer RPM Nitrous kit
Toploader 4-speed
RAM Sintered Iron Clutch and adjustable pressure plate
****RAM STEEL flywheel and Lakewood bellhousing****(don't wan't another mustang incident)
Cal Tracs and monoleafs with rancho shocks
9" 4.11's Detroit Locker
8 point cage
FPA 1 3/4 headers

Just needs a few minor things to be finished. I drove it around the block the other day and it was very cool.

Here's a couple pics of the unfinished product as it sits now.

I'm going to get drunk now.......

Look at my page

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