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Custom500 Emblems?

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Seems everywhere I look I find Galaxie 500, XL, Starliner Etc.. But not Custom500 Emblems. I need new ones pretty bad for the rear quarters. Any ideas?
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Tell us what they look like
I bought a NOS pair for mine on ebay for ten bucks each,if they are paired they usually will go for more but if they are individuals they go cheap like what I payed. Jeff
Well they simply say Custom and then there is a rectangular part at the end of the word Custom that has a 500 in it
Just keep watching Ebay. NOS Custom 500 emblems do turn up occasionally. They are not super expensive usually.

You will rarely see 65 XL emblems for sale. If you do, expect to pay 10 times what a Custom emblem costs.
They say custom and have 500 in the rectangular part. Jeff
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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